Bah, humbug

Puzzle though I might, I cannot figure out how to make my climax work. I discovered a huge plot-hole a few weeks ago, and spent a fair amount of time patching it, but honestly, it’s the kind of plot-hole that will destroy your story’s suspension. A little too much shock absorption! (Ha, obscure puns amuse me.)

Ahem, anyway, I figured out today that I could fix it the same way I fixed an earlier plot-hole, and it would be much better, much stronger. Less like a patch of asphalt and more like repaving. But unfortunately, it means re-writing at least two chapters. *sigh* And I think I need to do those rewrites before doing much more, because the story will make more sense if I’ve got those done. So today I’m debating going back and revising or just plowing forward, knowing that changes to what I’ve already written will be happening later. Decisions, decisions.

On a random other note, I saw Pacific Rim today. R hated it, said it was totally stupid, but I actually sort of loved it. I’d call it gloriously hokey, truly an old-fashioned Godzilla movie, complete with mad scientists and ridiculous technology and plots that make absolutely no sense. But a spectacular old-fashioned Godzilla movie, merged with awe-inspiring special effects. I laughed quite a lot and couldn’t take it seriously. It definitely had problems, first of which is that it was many movies merged in one; the story of the brave Australian, marching off to certain doom with a tear in his eye for the family he left behind just did not blend well with the two scientists teaming up to read an alien embryo brain. Ha. Even just writing that out made me laugh again. But it amused me greatly.

(Cross-posting to Wynded Words, since I wound up digressing so!)


2 thoughts on “Bah, humbug

  1. i can’t speak to the specifics of the plot-hole (although i LOVE your books, as you know ;), but as a writer, it seems to me that plowing forward might be a good idea since you’ll end up revising those chapters anyways, and it’s better not to have to revise things more than once… Also, re the sidenote: i really enjoyed Pacific Rim ;). my bro and i were tickled that Idris Elba gets to be British, but Charlie Hunnam has to be American. and there are the tactical/technics: why make a city-defender bipedal when four legs would be better? or more legs…?

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