First Draft in 30 Days!

Yes. You are reading that correctly. Rough draft ready in 30 days!

Maybe that’s not such a big deal anymore. Many authors are familiar with NANOWRIMO, an annual novel writing project that helps authors kick-start a new project or finish a current one. But there are two things that keep me from joining NANOWRIMO…

1) My characters just won’t let me wait until November.
2) I’m not really a joiner. I’m more of a firebrand…a rebel. I kinda like to do things my own way and on my own time. πŸ˜‰

My upcoming work-in-progress will be a science fiction/paranormal novella series, and my goal is to flesh out a rough draft of the first three episodes. The working title for the series is COVENANT. I’ll share more about the series soon. Here is a loose idea of my timeline on this project:

Week 1 – Character sketches, plot sketches, scene notes, summary outlines and research.
Week 2 – Formatted outline and summary of episode one
Week 3 – Formatted outline and summary of episode two
Week 4 – Formatted outline and summary of episode three

Formatted outlines and summaries probably don’t sound like good bedtime reading. And they wouldn’t be because this is the stage that I totally annihilate my internal editor. I think visually. So my plotting works best when I can move quickly. I am absolutely a plotter.

For me, writing without a plan is like trying to surf without a board. I need someplace to firmly plant my feet.

So that’s my goal for the next 30 days. I will likely pose some interesting or provoking questions along the way. My 30-day time clock starts on Sunday, September 29th.

Happy Writing!



10 thoughts on “First Draft in 30 Days!

    • Well, I did write the rough draft of my second book in a month using this technique. Then polished it through a couple more versions for the next 7 months after that. Basically, my first three novellas in the new series will equal the word count and plot development of one full novel. So, hopefully this is not as insane as it sounds. πŸ˜€

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