Just Another Line in the Sand

When I think of lines drawn in sand a vision of Robin Williams always comes to mind. Just in case you don’t remember his performance “Live at the Met” from way back in 1985, here’s a quick link to Robin’s bit about Colonel Gaddafi and his shifting “line in the sand”.

But here I am shifting my own goal lines.

Today was supposed to be my first day on my 30-Day writing binge.

Well, life happens! This coming week, Hubby is having major surgery and the family is preparing for it. In some ways, it feels like I’m preparing for a 5-week hurricane:

  • Handy contact list – must be able to reach all doctors in the middle of the night
  • Gather basic disaster supply kit – lots of bottled water, hurt-free bandaids and rubbing alcohol (for when I feel sadistic 🙂
  • Food – stock up on brothy soups and lots of crackers
  • Entertainment – keep the iPad near to the bed at all times and have the NFL TV schedule handy

I know. I should feel sorry for Hubby. He’s going to have a foot of his colon ripped out of his body. Not fun. And for the first week, I know I’ll be a great nurse. (I have a very nice bedside manner.)

But after that first week… 😉


2 thoughts on “Just Another Line in the Sand

  1. Ouch! That sounds seriously unpleasant! I hope for all of you that it goes well and he heals quickly.

    Still, in the interest of being a good push-partner — his surgery doesn’t mean that you can’t be writing. Bring a notepad to the hospital, keep one in the kitchen, etc, etc, etc. Life is filled with distractions. Admittedly, maybe it’s not the time to be quite so goal-oriented, but you can still be scribbling down scenes and playing with character sketches and so on.

  2. Oh, I TOTALLY agree with you. I hardly go anywhere without my mac or at least a notebook.

    The good news is that my brain seems to be fully cooperating with me. My thoughts are already immersed in my new story and characters. I’m dreaming COVENANT scenes. And for me that’s a sign that I’m mentally (unconsciously) committed to my goals.

    But with Hubby’s situation, I will not be flogging myself with fishing line if I miss a few personally imposed deadlines. 😉

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