Visual Inspiration

Day One – Organization

I have been brainstorming and researching this new storyline for a few months now. So it isn’t completely new to me. But before I launch into writing mode on a new project, I always feel compelled to organize first.

I’ve pulled out an old 3-ring binder discarded my one of my kids at the end of last school year. I’ve repurposed a few dividers and marked the tabs appropriately. And I’ve printed out all of my current research and brainstorming notes.

Covenant The SeriesBut there is one more thing that I must have before I start writing. I NEED my visual inspiration – imagery to remind me of a theme within the story. I need a working cover for my book/series that I can print and slip into the cover of my new (repurposed) binder.

Voila! The unveiling…

No, this won’t be the official cover. It’s just for my work-in-progress binder.

Unlike my other series, this one is not a romance. No need for a smoky-eyed, bare-chested, tattooed warrior hero on the cover. Sure, that would be an “inspiration”. πŸ˜‰

But the themes in this series just might be provocative enough on their own.


7 thoughts on “Visual Inspiration

  1. I like the binder cover art. It reminds me of the Crusades. Does the Covenant date back that far? Is it about masons or Templars or conspiracies? Inquiring minds want to know?

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