Well, now it’s a party.

Hi All,

It’s going to take me a while to figure out how to stay on top of the posts and provide some support, but I am looking forward to this team approach.

Just a quick update on my writing…last week I churned out a 3k short for submission to a “bizarro” anthology. I have my book in the hands of a “bizarro” book reviewer and he encouraged me to throw something at the antho, so I did.

With that out of the way, I have two projects: the next novel, and a bizarro novella (although it might be paused, once I hear about my submission — I’m not sure if I totally get the “bizarro” thing). The novella will be around 20k and needs to be wrapped up for submission by mid-Nov. The first draft of the novel would be ideally be done by New Year’s. We’ll see.

I’m taking a very specific and planned path with the novel and I will be sharing that in my next post.



3 thoughts on “Well, now it’s a party.

    • It’s this twisted community of writers, many of which are out in Portland.

      From one of the core websites: “Yup… it’s a bizarro anthology… but what the heck is bizarro? To us, it’s intellectual and poetic freedom. It’s about exploring the limits of literature and creativity. It can be argued that many classics are bizarro: George Orwell’s Animal Farm has talking animals that take over a farm, and Kafka’s Metamorphosis features a suffering protagonist who has spontaneously become a cockroach”

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