My broken chain

Yesterday’s word count: approximately 0

I say approximately, because I might have added a sentence or two. Came home from Full Sail, wrote my post, opened the file and decided to eat something. Came back and sat down to write, maybe wrote a sentence, and thought, oi, I need a twenty minute power nap, while I decide where this scene is going. I had an idea for the ending that would mean going back and deleting or revising the last 5000 words or so. I need to decide if I want to carry that out or go with my original plan. A nap will give me that sleep decision-making ability.

Three HOURS later, I woke up in time to head off for a meeting. I came back full of good intentions, but wound up eating dinner, drinking wine, and talking to my housemate and her boyfriend until late in the night. When I finally say down at the computer, I looked at the clock and said, well, it’s already tomorrow, so those words don’t count anyway, and went to sleep.


But today’s another day, right? Again, two commitments outside the house, possibly three, which is going to throw off my count, but I’m definitely going to try for 500 words, squeezed between appointments or banged out before bedtime. But I still haven’t made my decision about where I’m going. I was really set on the whole haunted house in the dark thing–it was so vivid to me–but I’m not sure the story needs it.


3 thoughts on “My broken chain

  1. As time is inherently subjective, I count all the words between when I wake up and when I go to bed as the same day, regardless of which rotting saint’s corpse I am inconveniencing.

    And broken chains just need to be welded together.

    Write the first ending, save it, write the other. Edit later. Delete nothing. Use a scratch pad app if you need.

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