Yesterday was a day for flailing around. I thought I knew where I was going, but I lost track of the point of the scene. Wound up spending a while writing words that were more about what I wanted to accomplish than actually accomplishing anything and finished with 470 words that fit within the story. It was still a successful day: I definitely wrote at least 1000 words over the course of the day, even though most of them don’t contribute to my total.

Today’s goal: 1000 again. There’s a good chance I’m not going to make it, since I’ll be out for a chunk of the day and thinking about things other than my characters, but I’d rather aim high and miss.


4 thoughts on “Flailing

  1. Had a great meeting with you today, Wendy. We’re merging our unique talents into a small publishing company. I look forward to this partnership. 😀

    WTF…has anyone noticed the WordPress ads on our site now? I guess that means WordPress is on to us. We can’t hide from them any longer. Gah!!! I hate ads. They will – however – remove the ads from our site for $30 a year!


    • It was a great meeting, but it totally threw off my writing! Spent the whole rest of the afternoon trying to organize business thoughts instead of finishing my chapter. I’m going to have to learn how to juggle writing brain better. (I used to be quite good at it, though, so I’m sure I just need to get back into practice.)

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