A Grimm Binge

Totally broke my chain yesterday. Smashed it into pieces. I kept getting distracted, feeling like I had plenty of time, because I had nothing that I planned to do except write, write, write.

And then I started watching Season 2 of Grimm. Ten episodes later, I still had the feeling of being in a really good book that I just didn’t want to let go of. But today, I’m not going to start watching until I’ve written at least 500 words, and done at least a few other useful things. Laundry, maybe, and running errands.

I think I’m finding it hard to let go of this project. I keep adding little bits instead of simply writing the last two scenes. I’ve been working on it for so long.


3 thoughts on “A Grimm Binge

  1. I have heard so many good things about Grimm. Let’s call it a research day! I’ve been binge-watching Sons of Anarchy, which doesn’t relate to anything I am working on.

  2. Ooh, I like it! I claim to be writing fairy tales, too, so it’s even… sort of? maybe? kind of?… appropriate for how I’m thinking about my work. And I’m really enjoying how they balance the dark and light. It has its grim moments, but also a dry humor that’s so well-done. The side characters (Monroe, Rosalie, Sergeant Woo) are terrific. It’s almost Shakespearean in the balance of humor & tragedy.

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