What Dreams May Tell

I love dreams – they fuel my writing muse.

Yesterday, NaNoWriMo began, and even though my morning was filled with a big dentist trip (filled being an operative word here)…I still managed to type out 1039 words. I don’t know if the words can truly be counted as manuscript-worthy, but they helped me fine tune the outline of the first episode of Covenant.

But then last night, I had vivid dreams that may have completely expanded the scope of my story line. What’s cool is that I’ve been so drilled down into the narrow view of my hero’s world that it became a really strong base for an expanded world view. Doing that in reverse can be a harder task. I have indeed created something that has potential to grow and that realization is inspiring even more ideas.

Going beyond controversial and heading for bloody, brutal warfare!!

I will get more writing in today, but mixing in some new research to shed light on these new ideas.

Happy Writing!


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