Saturday success, Sunday fail

The Epcot Food & Wine Festival was wonderful. Crowded, but not so crowded that it was unbearable. Hot, but in the way that ducking inside air-conditioning for five minutes every twenty minutes or so worked to cool us off enough to keep enjoying it. I ate smoked salmon on potato pancakes and a seared scallop from Scotland, fried tostones from Puerto Rice, a grilled lamb chop with mint pesto from Australia, Brazilian cheese bread (gluten-free!), tilapia and pork belly, also from Brazil, an apple maple spiced latte, and venison sausage from New Zealand–probably my favorite, but Scotland was pretty yummy, too. R loved the pork belly, he was scraping the plate on that one. For dessert, warm chocolate pudding from Ireland, and a couple bites of sea salt caramel creme brulee from France. And, yay me, managed to write 100 words, too.

Yesterday, though, was family stuff, and I was gone all day. I opened up my computer when I finally got home around five, but Shanghai called my name. I don’t think I even managed to open up the file. But I was tired, so the words probably wouldn’t have been much good anyway.

Repercussions of the weekend–I ate a lot of food I shouldn’t have. Dairy and eggs, chocolate, wine, nightshades, even some gluten. I’m not going to be ambitious for today, because I’m not optimistic about how I’m feeling. But I am going to aim for 500 words and at least one of the many tasks I need to take care of. Top of the list: reformatting A Gift of Ghosts to post a new edition (new cover!) sometime this week.


4 thoughts on “Saturday success, Sunday fail

  1. Good morning! 🙂
    Long time no cyber chat. Too long. I feel like the last year didn’t happen. Like a big detour that wasn’t marked properly. So, Wyndes, sounds like you had a yummy weekend. Me too, but not as fancy. Hubby was asked to be a judge at a Food Truck Wars event in St. Augustine on Saturday. They put me to work as the stats keeper, but I made sure to grab some of the samples coming to the Judges Tent. 😉 I definitely consumed more sugar and gluten than I should have. Probably why all I accomplished yesterday was two loads of laundry and one load of dishes. The rest of the day was spent on the couch.

    • Hey, at least some laundry got done! I’m playing with glyphs again this morning. Not the most productive way to spend a few hours but fun in its own way.

  2. Glyphs are fun. I have a few more hours of Photoshop refresher courses. Mostly because I haven’t really studied the upgrades in Photoshop since before the CS version. I have CS5! Wow. So many cool tools and shortcuts have been added. I’m already picturing at least a dozen really cool pre-made cover samples to start loading on my new site. 🙂

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