Day 30

NaNoWriMo ends today. I guess I should call it NaBlogMo? I did blog every day. But word count hovers at about 12K, nowhere near the 50K that would have been a “win.”

That said, I like what I wrote and I’m not going to stop writing tomorrow, just because it’s December 1st. I’m not sure what I got out of NaNoWriMo. It feels like nothing, except this year I did manage to keep writing. And maybe I learned some stuff about my process along the way.

Whenever I read about word counts, about people writing thousands of words a day, every day, I feel like there’s some secret that I’m missing. Why can I never seem to make that happen? But I think maybe instead of being annoyed at my slow pace, I need to think of myself as a turtle. Slow and steady, I’ll get there in the end.


Day 29


Nearly forgot entirely. It’s after 9 and I was just thinking about maybe going to sleep soon, with one dog on my lap and the other two on either side of my legs. Then I remembered that not only did I not write a single word–nor even open up the file–I also hadn’t written a blog post.

So there, blog post written. Sort of.

More tomorrow, of course!

Day 28

Big Hero Six today. R and I were in mutual harmony as we walked out of the movie theater rewriting the ending to one that would have been more satisfying to the two of us while C rolled her eyes at us. Perhaps most people don’t rewrite the endings of movies as they leave? But that said, it was a great movie, totally worth watching. It made me yearn to see Totoro and Kiki’s Delivery Service and Howl’s Moving Castle — which, alas, are not available online. I suppose that’s why I’ve managed to sneak in a blog post, because I’m not watching movies instead.

Totally paying for all the food cheats. Allergic and achy and tired — I put away some dishes today and went to the movies and it feels like I deserve to rest for the next three. Needed a nap this afternoon and could go to bed now at barely dinner time. I might, in fact. But tomorrow I go back to the crazy diet and I’m almost looking forward to it. It was nice to drink wine and eat goat cheese and pecans and potato chips, but I’d rather feel energetic.

Words today? None. But Netflix isn’t working so maybe I’ll open the file and stare at it a little before going to sleep!

Day 27

Thanksgiving day.

The menu went:

Beef and bacon pate topped with blueberry jelly on baguette rounds
Cranberry salsa on cream cheese with crackers
An artichoke spinach dip with gluten-free crackers (brought by guests)

Roasted turkey (Trader Joe’s, pre-brined, never frozen)
Mashed potatoes (made with cream cheese, half & half and butter)
Sweet potato rounds topped with goat cheese, pecan, cranberry salad
Roasted sweet potatoes and apples
Classic cranberry sauce with oranges and pecans
Dressing, either plain or with mushrooms, sausage and wild rice (brought by guests)

Pumpkin pie
Bread pudding

Words? What are those again? I didn’t write any today, nor am I going to. NaNoWriMo is a fail for me — I’m also not going to try to write 20K words in the next three days, because I’m going to be busy going to the movies with R and maybe driving him back to college, and maybe recovering from three days of eating all the wrong foods.

But right now I’m going to pour myself another glass of wine and either watch television for an hour or maybe take a hot bath. Ah, the delights of not caring about NaNoWriMo. 🙂

I hope that your Thanksgivings were wonderful!

Day 26

So close to the end and nowhere near any of my word count goals!

Yesterday, I managed to shave my left index finger with the vegetable peeler. It was basically the first thing I did in the kitchen as I started to prep for Thanksgiving dinner, done while peeling an apple to include in a cranberry salsa for the appetizers no one truly needs. The salsa is pretty darn tasty, though, and is going to go great on turkey for people who like spicy salsa, so maybe it was worth it. But it hurts to type this morning, which presages bad things for my word count.

Also presaging bad things: R comes home today, today, today. It was my first thought when I woke up this morning — well, after, “why I am awake so darn early?” So my second thought of the morning. But I suspect today will include more getting ready for Thanksgiving (I’ll be making roasted squash for a salad and preparing the mashed potatoes ahead of time, plus setting the table and polishing the silverware if I can find some silver polish, and maybe baking some cookies, plus definitely doing a little cleaning) and a lot of anticipating of R’s arrival. Oh, yeah, and some wrapping of Christmas presents. Anticipated word count: eh. I’ll try to write a few sentences just to make sure that I stay in the goal of a daily word count existing, but I’m not going to worry about it too much.

Probably not a surprise, but I am not going to win NaNoWriMo. Except, I hope, for the blogging every day part and that wasn’t even a goal when I started. And I also hope — and maybe even believe — that the project I started will someday turn out to be something wonderful. But thinking about those things is for the future. Today… R is coming home! Yay, yay, yay!

Day 25

Yesterday started out great, but somewhere along the way… yoga, actually… it took a wrong turn. A thousand words of outlining turning into a sentence or two of story by the end of the day.

The outlining was good, though. I have some solid ideas for where the story is headed. I may have made a major tactical mistake in my point-of-view characters, though, which could be a pain later. I had a choice between using Rose’s POV or Dillon’s and I chose to use Rose’s, but as the plot is currently shaking out, that was probably the wrong way to go. I don’t particularly want to change it, but I may have to decide to later. That’s a worry for another day, though. Today — grocery store, kitchen guy, starting prep for Thanksgiving, wrapping some R Christmas presents so he doesn’t see them when he gets home and somewhere along the way, squeezing in a bunch of words.

And staying off the internet. I need to get one of those blockers to keep me from getting derailed by every interesting train of thought that heads off in the wrong direction. Yesterday’s was whether people who acknowledge that they are not nice guys are potentially less “not nice” than people who pretend to be nice. It started from a football conversation about the guy who answered every question at a press conference with one word answers and went off in all sorts of interesting places, but it really wasn’t a good use of my time. I don’t think knowledge and curiosity are ever wasted, exactly, but it’s late November of the year I decided to take the business of writing more seriously and I have not exactly reached my ambitious goals. Ugh. Not going to think about that, because it’s not exactly making me more cheerful. Time to walk the dog and then after that, time for some words.

Day 24

Good words yesterday. I’m not sure how many of them overall, because there was (alas) deleting of some old words that stopped working. But over a thousand, I’m sure of that. And better, I found the story again. The words were a little bit of a muddle — it was a lot of dialog, so there was a lot of ordering and re-ordering the conversation to try to find the way in which it flowed best — but I’m looking forward to working on them again today.

Favorite line(s) from yesterday:
“I’m going to kiss him,” Rose announced. Was that a flicker of his eyelashes, a look of surprise?
“Hey, what?” Dillon protested.
“You are?” Joe and Nadira said at the same moment, in very different tones.
“I am,” Rose repeated. She leaned in a little closer to Cam and said, in her most seductive, most southern voice, “A really good kiss. A kiss like only a southern girl can kiss, long and slow and sweet and…”

And looking that up made me realize that there were fewer words than I thought. But that’s okay, I’m still pleased with what I got done. Today — more words! Also some yoga, some grocery shopping, and maybe the start of some cooking. I thought of a nice Christmas present for my dad (involving cooking) so I have to decide if I want to do that before Thanksgiving. Maybe. It’d be nice for R, too, if I did, and he comes home on Wednesday, yay!

Good luck to all who are writing this week! You can do it!