In the Zone

Yep, I am in that cruise control zone now. With four good writing hours today, I managed to write 3409 words. My current total is just over 10,000 words and I’ve pretty much written a very detailed outline of book one. Ten scenes.

Once I go back in and flesh out those scenes with details, dialogue, foreshadowing, symbolism, Biblical scripture, etc….I should end up easily with about a 25,000 word novella – or episode one. 😀

Tomorrow I get to think about and plan for the second episode.

Yay me! 😉


Without Any Ado

Just a quick post to announce that I have FINALLY managed to carve out time to write on the manuscript. So hard to do that in between work stuff, getting ready for a new job stuff, and new storyline ideas that just won’t stop coming!


I easily knocked out 2112 words today. Not great words, but lots of great nuggets within those words. They will polish into something I can be proud of. But most importantly that launched my brain into writing mode. I love this mode. 🙂

So now my NaNoWriMo count is up to 6612 words. Since I didn’t write for seven days in a row, the NaNo site says that my current pace is 551 words per day and at that rate I will reach 50,000 words by January 30th!!


Wait until they see my dust this week – the dust I leave in my wake as I speed through the word count highway. 😉

What Dreams May Tell

I love dreams – they fuel my writing muse.

Yesterday, NaNoWriMo began, and even though my morning was filled with a big dentist trip (filled being an operative word here)…I still managed to type out 1039 words. I don’t know if the words can truly be counted as manuscript-worthy, but they helped me fine tune the outline of the first episode of Covenant.

But then last night, I had vivid dreams that may have completely expanded the scope of my story line. What’s cool is that I’ve been so drilled down into the narrow view of my hero’s world that it became a really strong base for an expanded world view. Doing that in reverse can be a harder task. I have indeed created something that has potential to grow and that realization is inspiring even more ideas.

Going beyond controversial and heading for bloody, brutal warfare!!

I will get more writing in today, but mixing in some new research to shed light on these new ideas.

Happy Writing!

The NaNoWriMo Cometh!

Sorry that I’ve been so quiet for a few days. I had a quick trip with my family to South Florida to visit my brother-in-law. It was really nice to get away for 24 hours!

When I got home, I officially signed up for NaNoWriMo. Why not?! Just another online venue to publicly declare my writing goals and hopefully feel some sense of accountability to it.

But I discovered that the Orlando group was having a Kick-Off Event at a restaurant less than five minutes from my house the next day. Cool!!

I went to the event yesterday, and I was amazed that over 50 other authors were in attendance too. I did enjoy the cultish fervor among the NaNoWriMo-ites (or whatever we are supposed to call ourselves). I love being in a crowd of like-minded, equally nerdy/unique individuals. 😉

Although the sizable crowd seriously diminished any chance of my winning a door prize. (And I seriously wanted to win one of the two flasks. They didn’t have Supernatural logos on them, but what the hell. I could still use it as a prop if I decide to do Halloween as Dean Winchester.)

So, I apparently have three more days to prepare before the big write-athon begins on November 1st – and I’ve already earned 5 badges!! (Badges? Really? This feels like the Girl Scouts.)

But, I am ready. 😉

(NOTE: I wanted to post an image of one of the button ads they let us use to promote that we’re doing NaNoWriMo this year. But as a graphic artist, this year’s batch of buttons are horrid. So this will be an image-free post today. :/  )


Eternal Sunshine of an Addicted Mind

1386007_659566520744242_160226284_nI love this part of the writing process – the part when my brain is so consumed by my writing project that there is little room to think of anything else.

I’ve become addicted to my characters and their story!

Every waking (and half conscious) moment is consumed by images of characters and scenes. They are showing up in my dreams now. And the result is that I’m back on track with my goal of outlining three short stories by the end of 30 days. Earlier this month, I modified my goal timeline due to Hubby’s surgery and recovery.

But I’m going to modify my goal one more time.

What I’ve completed since Oct 1st: character sketches for most of the main characters, basic description of the first three stories, and tons of research.

What I can finish by Oct 31st: detailed plot outlines for the first three stories.

Definitely that falls short of my declared goal of completing “rough drafts” of the novellas, but I can forgive myself for that. 🙂 It positions me perfectly to jump into NaNoWriMo this year. So, throughout November I’ll post my progress here and on the NaNoWriMo site. I decided that I’d take advantage of the opportunities they offer, including the bonus of networking with more writers. 😀

“To say the name is to begin the story.”

“To say the name is to begin the story.” ~ A Swampy Cree Indian saying.

I need your help in deciding upon my heroine’s full name, so that I may begin my story.

I’ve been fleshing out my characters today by typing in my Character Sketch forms. It’s been pretty quick since I’ve been making notes about them for a couple of weeks now. But some of them have been nameless until today.

Let me start with a name that I’m sure of – the hero. The main character of the series is Jude Costantino. He was born in Boston, a first generation American son of Italian immigrants.  Raised as a good Catholic, he dutifully became a soldier in the new Holy War. Through the conflicts he’ll face in this series, he will come to identify with St. Jude – the patron saint he’s named for.

Let’s move on the heroine.

I’ve known her nickname since I first started listening to her voice in my head – “The Duchess”. There’s a long story behind her nickname, but I’ll sum it up partly by saying that she’s very high up in an underground rebel force. Nicknames provide a certain layer of anonymity to protect them and their families.

Female-photographer-Canon-Bokeh-485x728But she still has a real name. Here’s what I know about her. She’s Asian American, born to a Japanese mother and American father who are both professors at a liberal arts college in Western Massachusetts. There’s more, but that’s for another day and not really relevant to creating the perfect character name. (The image attached is a great visual of what she looks like in my head.)

I was browsing through a lot of message boards and social media and finally came across a name that made my character get all excited. Kamiko, a nice and relatively popular Japanese girl name. So I looked up its meaning and knew my instinct was right. Kamiko means “senior, noble, empress”. Empress?? Wow…funny how similar that is to Duchess! I love when pieces like these fall into place naturally.

Now, I’m stuck on the last name. Here are the three that I’ve narrowed it down to:

1) Kamiko Jones – I love the contrast of an exotic name with a common one. (Kinda like “Lucy Liu”.)
2) Kamiko Croft – It has a nice mix of symmetry and intrigue, but maybe the intrigue is too reminiscent of Lara Croft???
3) Kamiko Cross – Has that nice symmetry again, and the word “cross” fits with the religious themes in the story line. But maybe it’s TOO close to the themes…too obvious. Hmmm??

Okay, what do you think? Any of these sound better than the others? I’m also open to alternative last names to consider.

Either way, I’m liking the way the first names sound together: Kami and Jude.

False Start

I hear ya, Sarah. I’m back, and I’ll stick with the swimming analogies.

Okay, so I had a false start last week. Took a leap off of the starting block a bit too early. Silly me, thinking that I could get anything done while Hubby was in the hospital with major surgery. Back and forth from home to the hospital.

Hubby is home for the next four weeks for recovery, and that will add a bit of drag to my stroke. But I’m confident that we’ll figure out a new routine around here, and then my swimming stride will settle in.

So…I am now standing back on the starting block, ready to dive back into my lane and swim. (Thinking) cap is on. (Vision) goggles are clear and in place. I crouch into a ready position. The starting gun fires.

The race is back on again! 🙂