Waiting Room

I’ve been spending my morning in the waiting room of the Ford dealership on Colonial. Not exactly the most inspiring of settings, but I managed to knock out around 650 words or so. The scene, an failed murder attempt, turned out to be less bloody than I thought. No doubt I will add quite a bit to it when I get to the revision stage.

Grand total since starting out last week 4395 words. I’m pleased with that, but eventually I want to set my daily goal to 1000 so that I have a rough draft by April.



Monday, Bloody Monday

Actually Tuesday will be the bloody day. There’s a violent scene to be written tomorrow.

Took the weekend off, but I did a fair amount of reading.

Today, knocked out some grading and then 607 words. It was a challenging scene — I introduced the “romantic” character today. As I have not tackled the romantic dynamic before, it was an interesting exercise. She’s ultimately a toxic element that the protagonist will have to kick to the curb in Act III, so my main goal is to convincing depict her as someone that is incredibly difficult for him to let go of, until it gets to the point where he has no choice.

For now I’m just tapping into previous experience. And that’s all I have to say about that.

You have to eat.

That’s what my stomach has been telling me for the last hour. I ignored its pleas and managed another 600 or so words.

Initially I thought it might be a late-night session, but its been one of those days where everything lined up nicely. Great class in the morning with a killer guest speaker, 3.5 miles on the treadmill, whipped up an icebox cake for the weekend, and writing before dinner. I have to teach my online students at 9pm, and I am going to be in a great mood. They are going to have the best time.

With the day’s writing out of the way, I don’t have a care in the world.

Another Shovel or Two

Feels so much better to have finally started.

Knocked out around 650 words today. Took about an hour. I graded papers last night so I would have some time today to work. Working on my own writing in the middle of the morning — doesn’t happen all that often.

I’m going to shoot for 600 words or so each session. An hour a day will give me a nice chunk to work with by New Year’s.

See you all tonight.

Broke Ground Today

So I’ve lurking and liking some of the posts. I’m enjoying this view into PROCESS.

After the research and the planning, I was able to finally get it rolling and I banged out the opening scene this afternoon. Came in at 699 words…just to taunt me I suppose.

With this project (uhh, book) I am attempting to be methodical and thoughtful about the writing. In planning the book out, I first wrote up a few log lines or blurbs. The idea is that they will help keep me on track and also provide me with a clear blurb or pitch to throw out there when I can.

Once I got reasonably close to a working log line, I filled out detailed character sheets so that I would have a strong grasp on my four main characters. I would rather not learn about them as I write them.

I am currently working on the outline, but I know enough about the overall story structure that I feel I can press forward, hence today’s session. A friend of mine who has years of screen writing experience is helping me to make sure that my story is properly paced. He’s already helped me figure out several aspects of the story that were eluding me.

So anyway, happy to have written and to have something to report. Here are two blurbs for consideration…the first is more of a novel blurb, the second has more a film feel to it.

Log Line 1:

In an attempt to hide from a damaged past, a struggling drug addict moves to St. Augustine and begins renovations on his dead father’s home; but when he opens a portal to the afterlife, he must learn to take responsibility for his past actions, before the city’s souls are lost to the abyss, and in order to defeat the self-perpetuating monster that is his addiction.

Don’t love it, but it’s pretty much the story.

Log Line 2:

At the Gates of St. Augustine is a horror drama about Jesse Cruce, a struggling drug addict who after leaving rehab wants to escape his past by hiding in dead father’s house but when he accidentally opens a portal to the afterlife, he has to stop a demonic force from destroying it which seems impossible because it is fueled by his inability to stay clean and the presence of his ex-girlfriend using partner.

Not perfect, but even closer to what it’s all about.

See you all on Wednesday 🙂

Well, now it’s a party.

Hi All,

It’s going to take me a while to figure out how to stay on top of the posts and provide some support, but I am looking forward to this team approach.

Just a quick update on my writing…last week I churned out a 3k short for submission to a “bizarro” anthology. I have my book in the hands of a “bizarro” book reviewer and he encouraged me to throw something at the antho, so I did.

With that out of the way, I have two projects: the next novel, and a bizarro novella (although it might be paused, once I hear about my submission — I’m not sure if I totally get the “bizarro” thing). The novella will be around 20k and needs to be wrapped up for submission by mid-Nov. The first draft of the novel would be ideally be done by New Year’s. We’ll see.

I’m taking a very specific and planned path with the novel and I will be sharing that in my next post.