Lynda Haviland

LG Avatar PicWithout a doubt, Anne Rice is my all-time favorite writer. She inspired a new generation of writers and readers of vampire lore. She made them sexy. But I have to say it wasn’t her vampire series that launched my mind into creative overdrive. It was her wonderful hero Ramses from “The Mummy” (unrelated to the movie). She brought one of the most powerful pharaohs back to life and put him on a journey that was romantic and tragic. I knew then that I wanted to write like Anne Rice.

Other storytellers with captivating characters and vibrant world-building skills inspired and influenced me along the way: Sherrilyn Kenyon, Patricia Briggs, Rob Thurman, Mercedes Lackey, and many more.

I share my chaotic and immortal world with my husband, two kids, an aging bearded dragon and an adventurous hedgehog. I will read anything about ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses, and I am constantly planning my next trip to Egypt.

When unchained from my beloved MacBook Pro, I am usually sucking down a cup of hazelnut coffee and watching BBC America. I am a certified Whovian, Sherlockian, and whatever they are going to call Copper fans.

If I could insert myself into any tv character it would be River Song…so I could marry the Doctor (Note: the tenth doctor…David Tennant).

The first two books in my debut series, Age of Awakening, are available on Amazon: Immortal Dynasty (Book One) and Immortal Dominion (Book Two). Look for Book Three and a couple of short stories in a new series to release in 2014.


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