Sarah Wynde

A long, long time ago (although not in a galaxy far, far away), I made my living as a freelance writer. Then I figured out that writing was a brutal way to earn money, found myself a satisfying job as an acquisitions and development editor, and gave up writing entirely. I drifted back into writing for fun when I discovered fanfiction, and switched to writing in an original world when my favorite television show headed down a path I didn’t enjoy.

Since then, I’ve written three novels and one short story set in the fictional Floridian town of Tassamara, where telepaths hang out with mediums at a bistro whose cook always feeds you exactly what you want to eat. (Order the special. Really!) Creating The Write Push was a way to motivate myself into finishing the third book in the series, A Gift of Time, which took me longer than the first two combined.

If you want to check out my novels, A Gift of Ghosts is currently available for free most places where you can download books, including smashwords or Barnes & Noble or Kobo or iTunes or Amazon.

My current WIP is A Lonely Magic, a fun, semi-YA fantasy, that should be available within a couple of months.

I blog about life and random stuff at Wynded Words, about food at Say Yum and about publishing at Rozelle Press.

Oh, and my real name is Wendy. I like to think of Sarah as my adventurous alter-ego.


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