If you’d like to play along with us–which you are absolutely welcome to do!–here’s where you can introduce yourself. Post a comment with your name, and tell us something about your writing goals, and then start commenting on our daily posts.

We’ll give you the same type of encouragement (including kick-in-the-pants, writing-is-about-practice, the words-are-what-matter feedback) that we give one another. This is all about motivation, encouragement, feedback, and writing support, and we welcome everyone who wants to participate.


2 thoughts on “You!

  1. Hi I’m Tony, a blogger and Indie author from remote Wales, UK. I found this site because I’m writing a review of ‘A gift of Time’ on my writing blog and was trying to find out who Sarah Wynde really is – and I’ve succeeded.

    My problem is I keep getting distracted from my writing by interesting sites -such as this! I’d like to participate and can bring four years of proactical self publishing experience. You can find me at email and Twitter @tonyriches

  2. Awesome and welcome! We all faded out for a while over the winter, busy with so many things that daily blogging didn’t work, but I’ve been trying to get back into it, because it was good for me, and I’m hoping Lynda will be getting more active, too. As far as who I really am, though, do you mean real name or just more information about me? My real name is Wendy Sharp, but I’m barely even using it anymore because I kept confusing people with my multiple identities. It’s not a secret, though. If you have other questions, though, feel free to ask! And thanks for reviewing!

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